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technique, scales, arpeggios, chords, etudes, exercises


The Ultimate Guitarist's Survival Guide:

The Path To True Mastery Of The Fingerboard

(86 pages, ©2007 Brant Grieshaber)

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The principles, exercises, and references in this book have been used by countless guitar players as a tool for understanding the complexity of the fingerboard.

In "The Ultimate Guitarist's Survival Guide" Brant presents the challenges of learning your way around the guitar and offers a very clear method for understanding how the guitar REALLY works.

Each chapter presents the fundamentals for a particular topic and a series of exercises that help you master that material.


Chapter 1 - Technique: Principles of effective technique. Covers left hand, pick-style, and finger-style.

Chapter 2 - Scales: Patterns, exercises, and sequences. Covers major, minor, pentatonic, melodic minor, harmonic minor, dominant pentatonic, diminished (octotonic), whole-tone, and bebop scales.

Chapter 3 - Arpeggios: Fingerings, 'sweepable' shapes, voiceleading. Covers all triad arpeggios, maj7, 7, -7, -7b5, and altering those fingerings for other chord-types.

Chapter 4 - Chords: Voicings, progressions, voiceleading. Covers drop 2, drop 3, drop 2&4, triads in all inversions.

Chapter 5 - Substitutions: Multiples uses for arpeggios and chords. Creating chord tensions through substitution.

Chapter 6 - Etudes: Picking development.

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