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"Steve Morse, Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, and Al DiMeola are all names that come to mind when listening to Boston's Ra Quintet... lead by Brant Grieshaber." -Brian Owens (Metronome Magazine)

Ra Quintet released their debut CD in March 2009. Please visit the groups website to listen to some recordings!

Brant has the good fortune to play with one of the best songwriters in New England. Larry Hardesty has, for years, written pop songs that challenge Brant with their remarkable melodies, breadth of style, and striking chord changes. The band, Hopeful Monsters, is preparing to release "Inexhaustible West" at the end of 2009.

Hopeful Monsters mp3s

(mostly guitar solos)

Brant recorded an album with JK and the Servomatics in early 2008. Stylistically difficult to pin down, the tunes are an instrumental hybrid of funk, rock, fusion, and video game music. Check out some clips!

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